Doi Can Quet Tinh Nhue – Highs and Low – 雷霆掃毒

Highs and Low / Thunderous Drug Raid / Thunder Antidrug

This is Hong Kong movie and is about law enforcement…  There are 30 episodes (45 minutes each) and was aired on 24 September 2012. The story was written by Leung Yan-tung and Yip Tin-sing.

Cast members:
Michael Miu, Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui, Ben Wong, Ella Koon, Elaine Ng, Jin Au-Yeung, Derek Kok, Alex Lam, Law Lok-Lam
Producer:  Lam Chi-wah.
Original language: Cantonese

雷霆掃毒 / 雷霆扫毒

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Đội Càn Quét Tinh Nhuệ

Vietnamese/Diễn Viên: Miêu Kiều Vỹ, Lâm Phong, Từ Tử San
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